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Aluminium / Aliuminis / Alumīnijs / Alumiiniumist

With one-third the weight of steel, aluminium is lightweight and extremely stable. It is easy to form, fire resistant, durable resistant to the effects of weather and proven effective as an excellent conductor.


These positive characteristics make aluminium the most widely-used metal in the industry. In particular, the automotive industry, metal construction, the construction industry and the food and beverage packaging industry rely on aluminium. It’s energy-efficient and almost infinitely recyclable with no loss of quality.


Copper / Varis / Varš / Vask

The most outstanding feature of this colourful metal is its high conductivity of heat and electricity. As a result, copper is used mainly in high voltage and low voltage applications, in electrical engineering and electronics. 

Copper works well in both cold-forming and hot-forming processes, it has high continuous vibration tensile strength values and is therefore ideally suited for vibrating stresses. Its strength can be increased with alloys. The surface of copper is easily finished and refined.


Brass / Žalvaris / Misiņš / Messing

Brass is an alloy of copper and zinc to which other elements can be added as necessary to specifically affect its properties, depending on whether higher mechanical strength, for example, or stronger electrical or thermal conductivity is required.

Due to its versatility, brass is used in a variety of different ways in many industries, like the automotive and construction industries such as for valves and screws, as well as in fashion, electronics and the music industry.


Bronze / Bronza / Pronks

Tin bronze is an alloy made from copper and tin. It is extremely hard and robust, and resistant to sea water, corrosion, and wear. When alloyed with a low tin content, bronze offers excellent conductivity for electricity and heat.

Bronze also has good spring and sliding properties, as well as superior durability.
Bronze is used primarily in machine construction and shipbuilding and is suitable for applications with high friction.



​The most important special alloy is that of copper and nickel. It has good strength values and withstands continuous stress, fatigue loading and high temperatures. It is corrosion-resistant and withstands extended exposure to sea water, as well as such as to potash and caustic soda.

In addition to copper-nickel alloys, we can also provide any other alloys, depending on the properties required for the material. Please contact us about custom alloys. We also offer tubes in special alloys and tube accessories.

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