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Adamet Baltic is a wholesale supplier of non-ferrous metals for industrial companies in the Baltic region (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania). 

Our clients come up from diverse industries: Automotive, Transport, Construction and Facades, Machinery and Plant Engineering, Electrical and Optical, Mechanics, Aviation, Shipbuilding, Defense.

Main suppliers: Niemet / Manfred J.C. Niemann Zentrale KG (Germany) and Adamet-Niemet (Poland).

Being part of pan-European network of leading non-ferrous suppliers we supply a very broad range of non-ferrous semi-finished Products, complemented by tailored services, executed within own machine-park.

We continuously develop Services direction -  machine-park of longitudinal/transverse division of coils, as well as cutting and Waterjet cutting, allowing preparation of sheets, plates, roundbars and other products in almost all possible geometrical form to meet even the most demanding clients' end-project needs.

Please find out more about our services in Services section.

If your company is looking for stable supply of a wide variety of semi-finished products in Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Bronze and Special Alloys - we look forward to establishing a long-term co-operation with you. Please leave us a message in the Contacts section.

Our company motto is "Joint Goals - Joint Success", literally meaning we are ready to adapt and satisfy the most challenging client's needs in the field of non-ferrous metals supply to reach mutually beneficial result and maintain it long-term. For success of both sides: The Client and The Supplier.

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